Chamomile tea

Considered to be the universal remedy for all the disease in the ancient Egypt, the finest chamomile flowers were collected from the Nile River Valley to be used as infusions. Since those ages, the chamomile tea still remains a wonder tea for his benefits, as it helps lots of people having sleep problems or aches.  Chamomile can be combined with peppermint and lemongrass. Peppermint helps the digestion process, while lemongrass relaxes nerves, inducing a state of wellness, and freeing symptoms like headaches.

The scientific name of chamomile flower is Anthemis nobilis; it can be found all over the Europe, as it doesn’t require strict conditions to live. There are two main known varieties of chamomile; firstly is the perennial, the common one, and the Matricaria recutita, a wild German variety of the chamomile. Matricaria recutita is the species most often used for tea. If you are wondering where the name of chamomile comes from, that’s the Greek for “ground apple”; Greeks called it this way because of the smell emanated by the crushed flowers.

ChamomileThere are lots of people infusing chamomile flowers into water, in order to obtain chamomile tea. While some drink only for pleasure and for the sweet taste (which can be even better when honey is mixed up), others use chamomile tea to treat different problems. Insomnia and other sleep disorders, anxiety and panic attacks, muscle twitches, even wounds and burns can be treated by using chamomile tea. It can be either drank or applied on the wound and pressed.

Digestive problems are also avoided or remediated when drinking chamomile tea, as it helps the digestive system, reducing stomach flu and ulcers. Some women use it even to reduce menstrual cramps.

For people interested in buying chamomile, you must know that it is available as dried flower heads, infusion, liquid extract, tinctures (which have a large concentration of alcohol), but also in creams and ointments.

It is important to moderate the quantity of chamomile tea consumed every day, as adverse reactions may appear if consumed in excess. Drowsiness is one of the known side effects of excessive chamomile tea, so you should reconsider drinking if you are going to drive or operate any type of machinery that requires maximum concentration.

If you already have chamomile and want to make a tea, you only need to place it in boiling water for about 5 to 10 minutes to infuse, and then enjoy. For those who prefer a sweeter taste, you can use honey instead of using another teaspoon of sugar.

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