TeaPedia.net is for informational purposes. Always consult a doctor to ensure drinking tea will not adversely affect your health or medication.
The writer of teapedia.net is passionate about tea, not a doctor.

Most teas have a mild sedative effect, so be careful of the amount you drink.

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  1. Bella Zhang

    Dear Tea Friend,
    Good day!

    I’m Bella from Sun Time Tea Company, I’m very glad to contact you!

    Our tea garden is located in Anhui, and our office is located in Wuhan, Hubei. We`ve developed all types of fine Chinese teas and tea accessories through many years. Welcome to visit!

    Our tea garden is almost wild, the tea bushes are surrounded by diverse plants, and we never use pesticides!

    We export a lot to North America and Europe. We have got many EU Standard and Organic clean teas.

    We have both gourmet speciality teas and good price bulk teas, welcome to enquire!


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