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Rooibos Tea

Red tea, also known as rooibos tea is often prescribed in cases of heart tension, hepatic insufficiency or anxiety. This plant can be used even by people with kidney affections, as it does not contain any oxalic acid.

Rooibos plant has its origins in Africa; it got green, shiny leaves, resembling to needles. Once you process the leaves they become red; this why it is called rooibos, which means “red bush”. Although it is not related in any way with the classic tea plant, known as Camellia sinensis, it can be used to obtain a golden colored ea with a light taste of oranges and caramel.Rooibos

Rooibos Tea Recipe:

Making a great cup of rooibos tea is not difficult, and the result really worth the try. Although it is available in tea bags, many tea lovers still prefer using rooibos leaves to brew their tea. Furthermore, you will find lots of devices on the market that help when brewing rooibos leaves tea, but for the most part, are useless, so it is not recommended to throw money on them. Either way you choose to brew tea, remember to keep the leaves unrestrained, and in a sealed container, that does not allow light to pass; this way rooibos will keep its freshness.

Start the brewing of red rooibos tea by heating water until it begins to boil. You should heat up a mug by placing hot water inside it, while you are heating up water for the tea. Remember, do not let the water for the tea to boil; instead take it out from the heat source just as it is about to boil. Next, empty the mug and place rooibos leaves inside. Pour the near boiling water over the leaves, and then let it brew according to your preferences in terms of strength. Usually, letting the tea brew for 4 to 6 minutes is enough to make an enjoyable tea mug.Rooibos Tea

In order to keep the tea hot while its brewing, cover the top of the mug with a towel or a lid. In Africa, rooibos tea is usually drank with milk or sugar, but generally it is served as it is. It is not strictly necessary to drink rooibos tea while it’s hot. It can be preserved in the refrigerator and served with ice.

According to each individual’s lifestyle, rooibos tea might just be the relaxer you need. It is suitable for adults with a tight and stressful schedule, that need away to take all that away. Also, it is a great choice for hyperactive children or who present sleep problems, as it contains calcium and magnesium, helping on a good growth of bones and teeth.

Rooibos tea is a great natural medicine for many affections. It fortifies body’s own defense system, minimizing the risks of cardiac attacks or brain attacks. It stops bacteria from developing inside the mouth, reducing the risks of tooth problems; it is also a great source of fluorides. Moreover, rooibos tea does not contain any form of colorants, additives or preservatives; it is a fully natural tea, without caffeine. It is also removing heart burns and constipation.

Ginseng Tea

Ginseng, scientifically known as Panax (meaning „heals everything” in Greek) is a plant with a succulent root. From this root, you can obtain a natural tea with lots of benefits. It is believed that ginseng tea not only has lots of healing properties, but it also replenishes body’s energy reserves. It seems that ginseng rhizomes contain ginsenosides, medical compounds that act against inflammatory affections, and also cancer prevention. What you need to know is that ginseng tea is not used to cure a certain organ, but rather the entire body.

In order to obtain ginseng tea, you can follow one of the available options. One is to use the ginseng rhizome itself to make tea. Buy a firm rhizome without any discolorations or soft spots; you can also look after pre-cut ginseng rhizomes, to ease your job. Place 3 to 5 thin slices of ginseng in a cup and pour boiling water over them. Choose the amount of ginseng slices according to how you wish the tea to be: less slices for a weaker tea, and more slices for a stronger tea.

Another option in making ginseng tea is to boil 3 cups of water and then add 10 ginseng slices. After adding the slices, simmer for about 15-20 minutes. Once you finish simmering, strain and let the tea cool down. Now the tea can be served either warm or cold. You can store the remaining tea in the refrigerator for a later use.

Ginseng extract powder is another source for ginseng tea. Buy some ginseng extract, and mix one cup of extract with one coup of boiling water. If you are using powder, use a teaspoon of ginseng powder for one cup of boiling water.

Although studies failed to prove any toxicity in this herb, it is very important to avoid excessive or prolonged use of ginseng. Specialists recommend using 0.5 to a maximum of 2 grams of ginseng rhizome per day; that is around 1 to 5 thin slices. Also, it is advised to not use ginseng, under any form, for more than 3 months in a row. In order to continue using ginseng tea after three consecutive months, first take a two week pause.

It is also very important to consult your doctor before starting to use ginseng tea. Otherwise, you may suffer from adverse effects like insomnia, headaches, diarrhea or even uterine bleeding. However, such side effects should only appear if ginseng is consumed along with other medication. Try to avoid using caffeine or energy drinks while drinking ginseng tea, as ginseng is also considered to be a stimulant.

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Echinacea Tea

Echinacea, also known as coneflower is the most popular plant in America, thanks for its disease curing properties, helping people escape from flu, sore throat symptoms, cough and even fever. Also, Echinacea is highly recommended for boosting body’s immune system and help it fight infections.

This traditional herbal treatment has been used since the American Indians for the same reasons as it is used today, but also as a cure-all plant. Researches revealed that people used the herb through history also for curing more dangerous diseases like syphilis, malaria or blood poisoning. Even though its usage has decreased significantly since the introduction of antibiotics, Echinacea still remains a great plant to use when you wish for a natural remedy. It is good to know that both the roots and the Echinacea flowers own curing properties, so both parts can be used to form tea or tinctures.


There are two main ways you can brew a tea; either by infusion or decoction. When you wish to prepare a tea from leaves, flowers and seeds use the infusion method. On the other hand, use decoction when brewing tea out of roots. Most people prefer to infuse the flowers of Echinacea in order to get a pleasant cup of tea, but also because decoctions are very strong.

Echinacea Tea recipe:

In order to make in infusion, place one, two teaspoons of dried Echinacea, or two, four teaspoons of the fresh plant in a teapot. On top of the herb, pour one coup of boiling water and let it heat up for 15-20 minutes. Finally filter out the plant leftovers and enjoy the tea.

For a decoction you will need to mix two teaspoons of dried Echinacea and one cup of water inside a saucepan. Cover the saucepan and heat up until it boils, reduce the heat, and then simmer between 20 minutes and an hour. Filter the herbs and use the result.

Take care while either infusing or decocting Echinacea, not to use large quantities. Specialists recommend drinking no more than 3 cups of tea per day. Echinacea hasn’t got the best taste out of all teas, so some people might reject it. Still, remember that decoctions are way stronger, and if you can’t drink the tea, you won’t be able to take the decoction.

If you are undergoing any treatment, make sure to read the prospect for any side effects that Echinacea tea might provide when being consumed along with the medicine.
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Elderberry Tea

If you are looking for a natural and healthy method of losing weight and purifying your body, then you should really consider the Elderberry tea. Its natural properties make it one of the best choices in matter of natural weight loss treatments.

The Elderberry, on its Latin name Sambucus nigra, is a plant with strong therapeutic effects that can prevent and cure a large number of affections. Its leaves and fruits can be used for rheumatic problems or respiratory inflammations. Also, the Elderberry tree has a diuretic effect, being very effective in detoxifying the human organism, this leading to weight loss.
Using Elderberry flowers will help on treating flu, fever, and respiratory problems. The fruits will help on reducing the pain, but they also have a laxative effect, being very efficient in treating constipation states. Also, the Elderberry fruits help on diminishing the effects of rheumatic affections and arthritis.

The tea made of Elderberry flowers and fruits will act against degenerative diseases and also will help preventing cancer and keeping benign tumors under control. When using externally, the tea can heal minor burns. The flowers can be used to reduce inflammation around the eyes, furuncles, eczemas or ulcerations around the mouth.

Elderberry Tea recipe:

In order to prepare a classic Elderberry infusion you must add a spoon of Elderberry flowers in 250 ml of boiling water. Keep the recipient covered for about 5 minutes. Filter it and then add some honey to make it sweeter, if you feel the need. You can drink 3 cups per day, but if you got flu or fever, you can drink up to 6 cups per day, but only for a few days in a row.


When using Elderberry tea make sure that you are not using green leaves or fruits as they contain toxic glycosides. Do not drink Elderberry tea continuously, no matter the quantity. Use it for as most as 10 days in a row, followed by 5 days of break. Also, remember that when using plant remedies, these can be really strong, sometimes causing side effects. If you consume Elderberry tea and notice any side effects like allergies, heartburns, or convulsions, stop using plant remedies right away and go to the medic.

Nettle tea

Nettles, or on their Latin name, Urtica dioica, are perennial plants found all over the Europe, and partly in the United States. These plants have been used for centuries thanks to their health-enhancing properties. Both the leaves and the roots can be infused into tea and drunk in order to improve the medical state of a person.

The herb has a high nutrient density and contains a lot of vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B5, C, E, and K, along with calcium, potassium and zinc. Nettles also contain lycopene, beta-carotene, acetic acid and betaine. As you probably figured out already, nettles are full of healthy elements and really worth to be taken in consideration when looking for a natural alternative to vitamin pills or calcium.

The nettles have anti-inflammatory properties, but also diuretic and analgesic properties. TNettle Teahey can even dissolve and clear the mucus stored in excess in your lungs when you get a cold, for example. Furthermore, many natural treatment users take nettles as a remedy for anemia, asthma and a large variety of allergies. Individuals are known to use nettles to also treat urinary tract inflammation, rheumatoid arthritis, but also osteoarthritis.

Harvesting and brewing

Some call nettle tea springtime’s natural elixir, because they are some of the first green plants to get out of the soil every spring. Before you can brew a tea from nettles, you must firstly harvest them; use gloves and cut them from the base, making sure you keep the leaves intact. Then, everything is very simple. Place the leaves in a recipient and add water over them. Dosage is two cups of water for every cup of nettle leaves. There isn’t any strict dosage, so you can make the tea stronger by stepping for longer, or you can add more water to weaken it.

Once the mixture is almost boiling, reduce the heat, and then simmer for a few minutes. Filter the result through a small strainer and you got the tea ready to drink. You might want to add a small amount of sugar, but it depends on how you prefer it.

If you have tea bags of nettle, you can put one tea bag in one cup of tea and let infuse for 7 minutes.

I personally drink nettle tea to reduce acne.


Every substance must be gradually inserted into your body, no matter if it is a man-made substance or a natural extract. This being said, you should limit the amount of nettle tea to one cup per day. Also, if it is the first time you are trying nettle tea, you should start with even smaller amounts in order to make sure your body doesn’t react badly.

There aren’t mostly any side effects of nettles, but, if you experience any kind of irritations or stomach problems after consuming nettle tea, stop it right away and consult your medic.