Hibiscus Tea

We all know the benefits that herbal teas have for the body, and that they are a natural source of many nutrients, providing a number of benefits for the body, in many cases helping to improve our health.

There are many varieties of teas and aromatic herbs that have been used for centuries to improve our health. A prominent example is the hibiscus tea, prized for its benefits to the body, especially for people with heart or circulatory problems. This variety of tea does not contain exciting substances, so its intake is highly recommended for all types of people.

 The Hibiscus is obtained from the flowers of a plant called Hibiscus Sabdariffa, left to dry and when mixed with hot water, we get the healthy infusion. Its origin is ancient, as this variety has been in use for centuries. Sudan is the place to breed these plants because they require a hot and humid weather to grow.


Among its many benefits, the hibiscus is a perfect solution to reduce hypertension. Numerous studies of people with high stress levels, have shown that after drinking a daily infusion of this herb, over a few months, they reduced their values as far as tension is concerned. This effect is due to relaxing substances contained by this plant that help reduce our pressure, and improve the blood circulation.

Their properties are not over, because that infusion of hibiscus contains high doses of ascorbic acid and citric acid, two powerful antioxidants that help us protecting cells from the attacks they suffer daily because of the free radicals that cause them to deteriorate and age prematurely. Antioxidants slow down this process, especially for people who suffer and make physical efforts, such as athletes and active people.

The high content of flavonoid in hibiscus tea is what gives it that ability of regulating blood pressure but this substance also has other functions, and is a potent antimicrobial and anticancer. All the contained substances give the hibiscus its high medicinal power and properties, and are protecting us against bacterial attack; it increases our defenses against them.

 The Hibiscus tea is a 100% natural drink because it does not contain any additives. This makes it suitable for all kinds of people, because their effects are anything but harmful to the body. Furthermore, we can find it in any pharmacy, herbal store and even in supermarkets. The Hibiscus Tea is a gift for us from the nature.

The Hibiscus Tea Recipe:

We can serve it hot or cold. Boil 500ml of water and add 2 teaspoons of dried hibiscus flowers and turn the heat off. For taste, you can add 1 cinnamon stick. Cover and let tea to infuse for 10 minutes. Strain the hibiscus tea into cups. You can add lemon juice or honey to taste. For cold tea, you can allow to cool or put some ice cubes.

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