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The Sage Tea

The Sage Tea

The sage has various therapeutic uses because of its medicinal properties. One of the ways of using these properties is consuming tea of sage, since the essential oils, responsible for its properties, are concentrated in the leaves and flowers. The qualities of the Sage are announced by its scientific name: Salvia officinalis, name that seems to derive from the Latin salvare (to cure). The ancients called it herba sacra (saint herb).

This plant belongs to the Lamiaceae family, one of the most noble and extensive family plant, that brings together herbs such as oregano, mint, Rosemary, thyme or lavender, each one of them having magnificent properties.

Sage Tea Properties

Sage has hypoglycemic properties, which means that it regulates the blood sugar levels. So, it is totally recommended for the people who have diabetes to consume Sage tea. Sage infusions are useful to treat stomach cramps with presence of diarrhea cases; this is due to the antispasmodic properties possessed by this plant.

The Sage Tea is a good diuretic, offering relief to your stomach and your digestive system. It is also excellent for balancing the menstrual period. It stops the diarrhea and the asthmatic crises.

Its benefits can be also seen in emotional issues. It can stabilize the people who are going through a depression time.

Sage Tea Recipe


• 25 grams. Of fresh Sage.

• 2 tablespoons of honey.

• 1 1/2 cups of water.

• 3 tablespoons of lemon juice.

How to prepare:

• Make an infusion with Sage.

• Sweetens with honey.

• Let stand for 5 minutes.

• Add the lemon juice before drinking.


• Take 2 cups for a five days period.

• On children, half cup for 3 days is enough.

Enjoy the taste of Sage Tea and each one of its benefic properties!

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