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Elderberry Tea

If you are looking for a natural and healthy method of losing weight and purifying your body, then you should really consider the Elderberry tea. Its natural properties make it one of the best choices in matter of natural weight loss treatments.

The Elderberry, on its Latin name Sambucus nigra, is a plant with strong therapeutic effects that can prevent and cure a large number of affections. Its leaves and fruits can be used for rheumatic problems or respiratory inflammations. Also, the Elderberry tree has a diuretic effect, being very effective in detoxifying the human organism, this leading to weight loss.
Using Elderberry flowers will help on treating flu, fever, and respiratory problems. The fruits will help on reducing the pain, but they also have a laxative effect, being very efficient in treating constipation states. Also, the Elderberry fruits help on diminishing the effects of rheumatic affections and arthritis.

The tea made of Elderberry flowers and fruits will act against degenerative diseases and also will help preventing cancer and keeping benign tumors under control. When using externally, the tea can heal minor burns. The flowers can be used to reduce inflammation around the eyes, furuncles, eczemas or ulcerations around the mouth.

Elderberry Tea recipe:

In order to prepare a classic Elderberry infusion you must add a spoon of Elderberry flowers in 250 ml of boiling water. Keep the recipient covered for about 5 minutes. Filter it and then add some honey to make it sweeter, if you feel the need. You can drink 3 cups per day, but if you got flu or fever, you can drink up to 6 cups per day, but only for a few days in a row.


When using Elderberry tea make sure that you are not using green leaves or fruits as they contain toxic glycosides. Do not drink Elderberry tea continuously, no matter the quantity. Use it for as most as 10 days in a row, followed by 5 days of break. Also, remember that when using plant remedies, these can be really strong, sometimes causing side effects. If you consume Elderberry tea and notice any side effects like allergies, heartburns, or convulsions, stop using plant remedies right away and go to the medic.